Choose a long-term care package for a beautiful yard year-round

Don't just schedule one trim. Keep your lawn beautiful all year long by scheduling continuous maintenance with Yard Barbers. We provide long-term lawn maintenance plans with level billing.

We'll tend to your lawn 33-42 times a year. During each visit, we'll provide the care your grass needs, from simple trimming to weed removal. With level billing, you'll be able to manage the cost of lawn care throughout the year.

5 benefits of routine lawn maintenance service

We designed our level billing program to give the best service possible to customers like you. Here are five reasons to schedule year-round maintenance with Yard Barbers:

  1. You'll enjoy a beautiful landscape all year.
  2. You won't have to buy equipment or products.
  3. You'll be confident that professionals can handle any problems.
  4. You can count on us to provide lawn care services while you're out of town or busy.
  5. You can budget reliably and predictably with level billing.

Are you ready to let us take lawn care off of your hands? Call us for an estimate today at 337-304-7433.