Choose Yard Barbers for exceptional service at every turn

If your lawn's starting to look like a jungle, book routine lawn care appointments with Yard Barbers. We'll have your landscape beautifully trimmed in no time.

Yard Barbers takes pride in providing some of the top lawn care services in Lake Charles, LA. You won't have to lift a finger while we keep your landscape tidy and healthy year-round.

Why should you schedule lawn maintenance?

You can take care of your yard yourself, right? That's what many of our customers used to think.

Lawn care takes a long time, every time. The search for the right fertilizer or weed removal product is exhausting and expensive. Mowing the lawn in hot, cold or rainy weather isn't what you want to do with your weekend, either.

Instead of toiling away in your yard, trust the professionals to handle your lawn care so you don't have to. You'll have more free time, a more predictable lawn care budget and fewer grass stains on your shoes. To enjoy an effortlessly beautiful property, choose Yard Barbers for our expert service.